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Ash Suresh

Founder and CEO

Ash is a senior sales professional with a track record of significant contributions in startup, turnaround and high growth situations.

Prior to founding Incubate Digital, Ash held senior sales roles at global technology giants Oracle and SAP where he specialised in delivering solutions to small and medium enterprises.

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e-Commerce Store Design and Build

While you focus on your product, we’ll take care of your e-commerce strategy. Through our carefully designed, multivendor capabilities and unparalleled expertise, we provide dedicated solutions to revamp your online store and transform your customer experience.

Understanding the importance of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) for your online store, we place special emphasis on it, and provide you with services tailored to increase your conversion rates.

Search Engine & Social Media Ads

We specialise in customised ad strategies for brands, with laser precision on the different types of audience targeted, ensuring high engagement, lower cost per clicks and higher Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Through extensive testing used for ads over the years, we’ve created our own paid ad campaigns playbook that reduces your time to market, cuts unnecessary ad costs and accelerates a positive ROAS.

By leveraging big data and data science, we're always coming up with new ideas for our paid ads strategy. This means your ads will be targeted at the right audience, at the right time in a way that reduces bounce rates, increases engagement and improves your bottomline.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media experts have a keen understanding of what type of content sells on each platform, allowing us to develop creative, personalised content for each of your social media accounts.

The comprehensive strategy includes both organic content and paid marketing campaigns, guaranteed to build your vibrant social media presence and help your target audience find you.


We focus our efforts on a complete SEO strategy on and off the page, that align with your unique marketing goals.

Our services include targeted keyword research, on-page optimisation, off-page link building, and analytical reports to measure performance against goals

Email Marketing

We help e-commerce businesses grow by providing world class email marketing campaigns on a wide range of platforms. We design and build your EDM's, set up a campaign and report on its entire lifecycle to find out how it performed for you! Our ROI is consistently better than benchmark levels and means more sales from those targeted emails—that's what we call success in this business


Every successful e-commerce store has a strong content marketing strategy based on quality content. We specialise in honing your content to communicate your message clearly, concisely and in a manner that will drive improved conversions across content assets.

All content is developed in close collaboration with the client and leverages our extensive keyword research experience

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